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Projects we have completed thus far.

We develop and build for a sustainable future with the ultimate goal of improving our society and people's lives. Thanks to this dedication, we are involved in some of the most interesting projects of our time.

General Civil/Mechanical and Project Management Experience

Our projects connect people and communities, play a key role in urban and rural development, and provide vital, long-term infrastructure.

  • Project List one
    Project title -  Major Rehabilitation Works on 5360 Bulk Head and Common chute

    Client: Mopani Copper Mines

    This was a Civil and Mechanical project, installing steel and concrete works, fabrications and installation works.

    PROJECT TITLE - Acid Proofing of the 5th Floor and Columns

    Client: Mopani Copper Mines

    The project was a civil project and partially mechanical, involved demolition works, clearance of rubble and casting premixed concrete and the laying/casting of asphalt onto the concrete.

    PROJECT TITLE - Extra works At Condition & Monitoring Workshop

    Client: Mopani Copper Mines

    This was a Mechanical project, involving removal of old steel structures of the workshop and installation of new steel, painting the steel structures and installation of 6x6m galvanized roller shutter door with electric motor and control panel.

    project title - Construction of Walkway from 7 shaft to Henderson Shaft.

    Client: Mopani Copper Mines

    Civil and mechanical project involving fabrication works and installation of the fabricated structures on site, casting of pre-mixed concrete and installation of a clearvu fence.

  • Project list three
    PROJECT TITLE -Renovation of Office block at Bollore Logistics

    Client: Bollore Logistics

    Civil and Mechanical project involving removal of roofing sheets and installing new roofing sheets, demolition works and construction works , painting and tiling and installation of doors and all fittings inclusive of electrical works.

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