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You shouldn’t have to choose between controlling electricity costs and peace of mind. 

Your Solar Energy Savings. Your Solar Payment Options. Your Electricity Freedom.
We take the time to listen and understand your energy needs. Then we custom-design options for your Energy System.  A Qualified local professional installs your system, then we monitor it 24/7 and guarantee performance.    

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Residential Solar

Rooftop Solar System

We will conduct a rooftop analysis of your home. If your house’s direction the rooftop faces, roofing material, roof pitch and shading area are appropriate of a solar system, we will present you with a design package for a solar system on your roof.

Ground Mount Solar System

If your rooftop doesn’t qualify or you would rather a solar system on the ground, we will also conduct an analysis & provide options for ground deployment that suite your needs.

Commercial SOlar

Commercial Solar

From schools, Hospitals, official government offices and businesses, to multi-megawatt solar farms. We at Geolzef firmly believe that a better world starts at home. As your company or agency invests in clean energy, Geolzef invests back by working with local professionals and organizations. We’re proud to bring sustainable energy solutions to the communities that we live in.

Simple Process
1. Simply provide us with a copy of your power bill and provide roof
2. We will inspect the roof and define the solar system size.
3. We will advise how much you will save on your energy bill
and how much you will energy your system can provide you. 
4. If you then want to proceed you sign a solar system purchase
agreement with us and we will arrange the agreement for you, and we will obtain the necessary permits before installing the solar system.

System capacity: 25 KWac
Energy production: 37,000 KWh/year
20 Year production: 712,000 KWh
CO 2 reduction: 400 tons

Power from the sun
to your solar  panels
to your power unit
then to your home

Power your home

From the sun to you, 

Enjoy the comforts that energy provides,  from a cool home in the summer to a perfectly heated home, without guilt or worry about high energy bills.